The Knicks-Pacers series has contained its fill of whining, griping and complaining. And in the wake of a call that will place ref Jess Kersey’s name in infamy in Indiana while making it as celebrated as Ruth or Reed in New York, Pacer star Reggie Miller stressed a simple point.

Blame us, not the refs.

“You can’t worry about Jess’ call. We had calls in our favor,” Miller said of the foul Kersey whistled on Antonio Davis – a call Larry Bird labeled a “phantom” – that led Larry Johnson to a shocking four-point play and lifted the Knicks to a 92-91 Game 3 victory. “It’s a double-edged sword. You can’t gripe about that. We put ourselves in that position so we have no one else to blame but ourselves.

“Jess wasn’t the one that couldn’t convert at the other end. Jess wasn’t the one that turned the ball over. That was us,” Miller continued, speaking with words that bore not even the slightest hint of a whine. “So we’re not going to blame it on any officials.”