Today's Birthday

A lunar eclipse on your birthday means you need to pay considerably more attention to relationships and partnerships. Yes, of course, it’s important that you follow your dreams, but make sure that your dreams don’t clash with the dreams of those you love.


There is no point trying to ram your opinions down someone’s throat – in fact that kind of approach is likely to be counter-productive. Allow them to have a different point of view, and don’t feel it is your responsibility to convert them to the “truth”.


Unless you know with absolute certainty that you will be able to deliver on a promise of some kind then you have no business making it in the first place. Today’s eclipse warns if your actions fail to live up to your words then your reputation will suffer.


You must speak your mind today, but you must also make sure that each and every one of your claims is based on fact. Your rivals are hoping and praying you will defend a belief that cannot be proved, because then they can cast doubt on everything you say.


A dispute that has lingered for weeks if not months must be resolved over the next 24 hours. If you allow it to carry on any longer you will lose big, most likely financially. Either reach an agreement or split completely so you can go your own way.


Today’s lunar eclipse may in some way dent your confidence but hopefully it won’t be enough to deflect you from the course of action you have chosen to take. Also, make sure any doubts you have are dealt with in logical, rather than emotional, ways.


You won’t find it hard to persuade others to assist you today but you will find it hard convincing yourself that it needs to be done. Face facts Cancer: no matter how talented you may be it’s unlikely you will be able to reach the top on your own.


If you fall out with a friend or colleague over a creative matter today you must find a way to get past it quickly. Whatever the problem happens to be it pales into insignificance next to the rewards on offer, so stop arguing and start working together again.


It’s okay to argue with those whose opinions you disagree with, but don’t make a war of it. Yes, some things are worth fighting for, but the planets suggest this isn’t one of them, so keep a sense of perspective and keep on the right side of powerful people.


Your way with words will get you just about anything you desire, but be careful because once you’ve got it you may not be able to give it up or give it back. Instead, why not use your sense of humor to make people laugh? They’ll love you for it.


You need to get firm guarantees today that you won’t be out of pocket if you agree to put money into something that carries a clear financial risk. If you can’t get those guarantees – or if you distrust the people giving them – give it a miss.


Not many things bother you in life but today’s lunar eclipse in your sign will stir things up to such an extent that you begin to wonder if you’ve been doing the right thing. Of course you have. Ultimately, all roads lead to the same destination.


It will pay you to keep a low profile over the next 24 hours. While those around you are getting worked up about the kind of trivial issues you can’t be bothered with, you will have both the space and the time to give thought to the future.