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We’re willing to bet that the reason you’ve avoided going back to school has to do with time, money, your current zip code, or some combination of the three.

It’s why of late, there has been a slew of online MBA alternatives floating around, some even taught by real business school lecturers. One such program we’ve spotted is the Haroun Education Ventures MBA Degree Program, a 400-hour course that is led by award-winning MBA professor and Berkeley, Stanford, and The Hult International School of Business lecturer, Chris Haroun. The concept of the course is that anyone (from any location) can grow their business acumen and skills in as little as a year and without the need to give up their full-time jobs.

The curriculum of the MBA Degree Program differs from accredited MBA programs by solely focusing on practical business concepts. These include how to network, how to find customers, perfecting business presentations, crafting essential documents, digital marketing tactics, and how to start and scale a company of your own (just to name a few). The goal is that students can walk away from the course having a wealth of information they’ll use on a day-to-day basis in the workplace.

In order to complete the full suite of classes offered, students will want to carve out about six to eight hours of their time every week. The good thing is that the MBA Degree Program offers lifetime access to all of the materials, so if you need to take a week off here and there or limit your training to a few hours every week, you have full license to do so.

As of today, over 800,000 students have enrolled in the course, with many singing the MBA Degree Program’s praises. As one student notes, “There is more to the program than what I initially expected. It has been much more than an educational experience. It has been a phenomenal training as well as personal growth and professional development experience as well.” Another student even goes so far as to say “enrolling in the Haroun Education Ventures MBA Degree Program is the best investment you can make in yourself be it for your career or business, period.”

Normally priced at $499, the Haroun Education Ventures MBA Degree Program is currently on sale for $399 — a fraction of the six-figure tuition fees you’d otherwise have to pay.

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Filed under 6/2/20