Queen Elizabeth ‘dresses up’ as a Sex Pistol, Trekkie and more

Queen Elizabeth II is legendary for throwing shade with her retina-scorching fashion sense.

“What she cannot overtly say with language she secretly says with clothes,” wrote London journalist Sali Hughes in her 2019 book, “Our Rainbow Queen: A Tribute to Queen Elizabeth II and Her Colorful Wardrobe” (Plume). “Truly, Elizabeth II’s trolling through fashion could inspire an assassin.”

Now, the 93-year-old sartorial smart-ass is going viral with “The Queen in green screen,” a series of 10 hilarious images posted to the Instagram of New York-based Hint Fashion Magazine on Tuesday.

This “green screen,” however, is actually one of the Queen’s signature “shady” jewel-tone frocks — surreptitiously super-imposed with a variety of adventurous, belly laugh-inducing looks courtesy of artist Peter Chiykowski, a k a
@rockpapercynic on Insta and Twitter.

Her royal highness’ unauthorized virtual fashion show finds her “modeling” a fluffy cat lady shirt, concert tees for Queen and Dua Lipa, a Star Trek Enterprise uniform, some kitschy howling wolves — and a corgi licking an ice cream cone. (Click through the gallery above to check out these cheeky styles.)

A standout look: The vintage Sex Pistols T-shirt is emblazoned with the title of the classic punk rock anthem, “God Save the Queen.” That track, infamously released during the Queen’s Silver Jubilee in 1977, was featured on the band’s only album, “Never Mind the Bullocks, Here’s The Sex Pistols.”

Instagram user Caryn Ouwehand pretty much summed up the overall consensus with one comment on Hint’s post: “I needed this so bad today.”