Turn yourself into a Microsoft Excel whiz with this training on sale for $50

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Okay, so maybe you’re slightly exaggerating your Excel competency on your resume. While it may not have raised any red flags during the interview phase, it will the moment your boss asks you to create a Pivot Table on the fly and you have to resort to YouTube tutorials to help you out.

But it’s about time you get your Excel skills in fighting shape. And the good news is, you don’t have to do it solo.

The 2020 Ultimate Microsoft Excel Certification Training Bundle comes with 10 key courses that start with the foundational essentials of Excel, such as simple formulas and building spreadsheets from scratch, and slowly builds on the material to more advanced concepts such as visualization tools (that aren’t just basic pie charts), integrating Excel with APIs and automating tasks. Lectures are led in part by Alan Jarvis, an Excel pro who has worked with a variety of Time 100 companies and adds real-life context to each topic, giving students projects to work on along the way. Jarvis’s method of teaching has been recognized by his over 80,000 past and current students, with one Excel reviewer noting that the three Microsoft Essentials Courses featured in the bundle are “very comprehensive courses with a lot of interesting examples and resources. Alan covers a huge amount of content with great explanations, making them easy and clear to understand.”

Plus, at the end of the 40-plus hours of training, digital students will receive a certificate of completion which will look good on any resume.

The sheer breadth of topics covered in this 10-part bundle puts the 2020 Ultimate Excel Certification Training Bundle’s price upwards of $1,700. But for a limited-time, online students can enroll in all 10 classes, plus get lifetime access to the material, for just $49.99.

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Filed under 3/30/20