Daughter calls for compassion for mom’s alleged killer twin at funeral

The young daughter of a slain New Jersey woman put aside her grief on Friday to urge compassion for her mom’s twin sister, who’s accused of fatally plunging a carving knife into her sibling’s chest.

During remarks at mom Anna Ramirez’s funeral service, Abrianna Ramirez said she had spoken with jailed aunt Amanda Ramirez, 27, “and I’m pretty sure I helped her hear my voice.”

“As much as it hurts that my mom isn’t here with us right now, imagine the way that she feels,” said Abrianna, who appeared to be in her early teens.

“I know a lot of us may feel hate toward her and a lot of us still love her. But I’m not asking for y’all to forgive her, I’m just asking for y’all to help her.”

Abrianna — the eldest of victim Anna’s three children — remained composed as she told about 200 mourners that Amanda had her own daughter, as well as “me and my sisters and my dad and all of y’all to come home to, but she just don’t feel it right now.”

“And I would appreciate it if ­everyone made her feel that she’s still part of the family, cause that’s the only thing that she needs,” she said.

Amanda Ramirez
Amanda RamirezRichard Harbus

“When she comes out, I don’t want a broken woman, I want Amanda, or as much as I can get from her.”

Abrianna also made an appeal on behalf of her cousin, saying “if not, I’m not going to get my aunt back, she’s not going to get her mom back.”

Abrianna and many of the mourners wore custom T-shirts bearing Anna’s image along with air-brushed messages that included “In loving memory” and “I will always love you.”

Abrianna’s shirt said “Understand.”

Amanda is charged with aggravated manslaughter for allegedly killing her identical twin during a fight outside their family’s home in Camden around 5:40 a.m. last Saturday.

Investigators reportedly suspect that the twins’ fatal dispute was sparked by a “love triangle” involving an unidentified man.

Anna’s body, dressed in a black blazer and white dress, lay in an open casket for the informal, 10-minute funeral at the Falco/Caruso & Leonard Funeral Home in Pennsauken, NJ.

Other speakers included the dead woman’s two younger daughters, Naudia Gonzalez and Aaralynn Gonzalez, who appeared to be grade schoolers.

“I want to say that I love you and I want you to come back, but I’ll see you next time and I love you,” said one of the girls, who was introduced only as the older of the two.

Another of Anna’s four sisters, Bianka Medina, sobbed as she addressed the crowd.

“Standing up here is very hard,” she said.

“I miss my sister so much. And I miss the other one, too.”

“I just want to say, I love you, Anna, with everything inside me, but this pain is something totally different,” she added.

Anna was slain less than two hours after she posted a photo on Facebook that showed her smiling with Amanda and two friends.

A witness told cops Anna said, “Amanda, you stabbed me!” as she lay bleeding on the ground after the attack.

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