Porzingis tries to find the bright side of all these bricks

It was another subpar shooting performance for Kristaps Porzingis, who wasn’t as big of a factor as he needed to be in the Knicks’ 105-98 loss to the Sixers on Christmas Day at the Garden.

Porzingis was 6-of-19 from the field and was just 9-of-14 from the free-throw line to finish with 22 points. In his past three games, Porzingis is 18-of-58 from the field for 31 percent. Porzingis, shooting 45.3 percent on the season, called it a learning experience.

“I’m just learning a lot,” he said. “All these games, every game, I’m learning and I’m seeing all kinds of defenses; late double-teams; early double-teams right away. Maybe some games they’re fronting, switching, everything. So it’s an adjustment every game for me.”

He is also learning to expect the unexpected.

“Teams are obviously trying to make it as difficult as they can for me, trying to force the shots I don’t want,” he said. “So it’s always a battle when you’re trying to get what you want.”

Porzingis said he hopes he can start making adjustments before the defense gets the best of him.

“As the game slows downs even more for me and I see what’s going on even more, I’m going to be capable of making the right pass and shooting the right shot,” he said. “It’s my first season doing this. We’re 30-something games into the season. I’m still learning. I’m still picking up a lot of stuff. I’m watching film and I’m learning from my mistakes. I think as I get more experience in these situations, I’ll be even more efficient.”

Knicks coach Jeff Hornacek said Porzingis is “just missing” the shots he made earlier in the year, though credits the defense for causing distractions.

“They’re going to get into his legs,” Hornacek said. “We try to tell our guys, when you can get into someone’s legs it makes it hard to shoot.”

The Knicks will also look for ways to get Porzingis easier shots.

“If he’s having a hard time at one spot on the court, we’ll try to move it,” Hornacek said.