Giants just showed exactly why Davis Webb won’t play

One more game and it will all be over.

Thanks goodness.

A season that cannot conclude soon enough for the Giants is five days away from getting logged into history as perhaps the most dreadful in the 92-year history of the franchise. There are failures, shockingly poor results, unforeseen dips in the standings and spans where the unexplainable is a weekly occurrence. Then there is what has transpired to these Giants, a team to forget.

Even what seemed to be a foregone conclusion — getting rookie quarterback Davis Webb some action in games down the stretch, as the losses piled up — turned into some strange punch line. Add to life, death and taxes as the certainties in life one more absolute: Webb will be inactive on game day. So far, it is 15 up, 15 down, a clean sheet, and there is no reason to believe anything will change this Sunday, when the Redskins come to town and two teams will spend New Year’s Eve pretending to care, with many seated at MetLife Stadium hoping the Giants do what they do best and lose again in order to lock up the No. 2 pick in the 2018 draft. After all, does 3-13 look any better than 2-14?

Sure, some will walk in wanting to salute Eli Manning for his 14 years of service in what could be his final game wearing a Giants uniform. Plenty will nod to the past while wishing to get a possible glimpse into the future by seeing Webb get some work. After all, he is a 2017 third-round draft pick, a big guy with a big arm and bigger worth ethic and sense of professionalism. Interim head coach Steve Spagnuolo, immediately after the 23-0 loss to the Cardinals in Glendale, Ariz., named Manning the starter for the season finale, and activating Webb appears to be an afterthought.

At this point, why bother?

There is no need to put Webb on the field Sunday. That ship has sailed, and it is one of the baffling blunders to affix itself to this miserable season. How can it be the Giants are 2-13, and there has not been a single game that Webb has been in uniform? It simply makes no sense.

If you have any regard for Webb, hope he stays safe on the sideline. This is not an NFL-caliber offense Manning is operating, and if a heady veteran such as Manning cannot figure out a way to pick up first downs or get in the end zone, a novice such as Webb has almost no chance to succeed.

Did you see that pathetic showing in the desert, as the Giants converted 1-of-14 on third down and were shut out for the first time in more than three years? The talent drain is too great for any legitimate chance of success. Scoring 29 points on the Eagles a week earlier was an aberration. There is no semblance of a cohesive offense and thus there is no need for Webb to try to light up anything that will not ignite. Without the benefit of a competent offensive line or a consistent running game, Webb would be overmatched, no matter how fervently he has prepared this season. This is no knock on Webb, it is a statement on all the injuries and a knock on what the Giants put around their quarterback.

Look how Manning, who turns 37 in nine days, could not function with the players around him. Remember when he was a lethal down-the-field quarterback? That was then. This is now. He attempted five passes of more than 20 yards in Arizona and completed only one of them to his own team; two others went to the Cardinals. His weapons are mostly gone, he usually does not get enough time to stand in the pocket and scan the field and he is so concerned with the pass rush that he often lowers his line of sight and dumps the ball off to a shallow target. Manning ranks 34th among 34 quarterbacks in deep passing adjusted completions, according to Pro Football Focus, connecting on only 24.6 percent. He needs new teammates or a new team.

Getting Webb 20 or 30 snaps with this offense makes no sense and it could get him hurt, physically, and leave him with a scarred psyche. There is no need for that. The Giants completely botched the way they handled their quarterback situation, and it is too late to squeeze anything positive out of it now.

Ending Manning’s starting streak at 210 consecutive games was unnecessary and clumsy, and keeping Webb inactive in all 15 games was short-sighted and, quite frankly, a fireable offense. Jerry Reese and Ben McAdoo are gone and Webb remains, having learned plenty in his rookie season even without getting on the field. His time to show what he can do will come. He cannot get a do-over. At this point, finish this sorry season without him and move on.

More musings coming out of yet another dismal showing and loss:

– Say what you will about Jason Pierre-Paul’s production this season, but the guy always plays hard. He has a permanently disfigured right hand and one of the remaining fingers on that hand is broken, forcing him to wear a cumbersome and debilitating club on the hand for protection. JPP’s work against the Cardinals consisted of four tackles, one sack, two quarterback hits and one pass deflection. Each week, Pierre-Paul goes out there and gives what he has, and there is no reason to believe he will not do the same this Sunday in the season finale.

– In addition to losing more games (13) this season than any season in franchise history, there are these statistical nuggets: The Giants finished 1-7 on the road, their worst road record (in a non-strike year) since 1978, when they were also 1-7. The Giants are 0-11 vs. NFC opponents for the first time in team history.

– How’s this for showing no signs of improvement? The 42 rushing yards against the Cardinals was the lowest total of the season for the Giants since … they ran for only 35 yards in the season-opening loss to the Cowboys. Also, the 10 accepted penalties on the Giants tied their season high (at Philly in Week 3).