Family surrounds Eric Garner’s daughter after cardiac event

Erica Garner — whose father Eric Garner became a national symbol of excessive police force when he died after being placed in a chokehold – remained in a coma Monday after suffering a heart attack, family members said.

“So my sister had another heart attack last night and she’s in critical condition,” Erica’s sister Emerald Snipes wrote on Facebook Sunday.

“I just left the hospital and it’s not looking good…I pray she makes it she has two little ones to live for.”

Garner was placed in a medically induced coma at Woodhull Hospital in Queens.

The mother of two had an asthma attack that triggered the cardiac arrest Saturday night, according to a family source.

The source said Garner had given birth to her second child four months ago and was alerted to heart problems at the time.

Family attorney Jonathan Moore told The Post Monday that Garner was in stable condition and surrounded by family.

“The Garner/Snipes family wants to thank you all for your prayers and support,” read a message on Garner’s Twitter account Monday morning from someone identifying themselves as her associate. “At this moment there are no updates on Erica’s condition. They ask that you take this holiday to enjoy your loved ones and for self care. More updates will come as they are available.”

Garner, 27, became a nationally recognized activist after her father’s death in 2014.

She emerged as an outspoken and often blunt critic of police tactics after her father was placed in the chokehold by NYPD cop Daniel Pantaleo while being arrested for selling loose cigarettes on Staten Island.

A video of the 2014 confrontation showed a writhing Garner repeatedly telling arresting officers that he was unable to breathe.

He would later go into cardiac arrest and die.

While a grand jury declined to press charges against Pantaleo, Garner’s family was awarded $5.9 million in a settlement with the city.

Erica Garner raged against excessive police force in the wake of her father’s passing and was unafraid to skewer officials across the political spectrum for failing to adequately address the issue – including Mayor de Blasio.

Her national stature expanded to the point that she introduced former presidential candidate Bernie Sanders at a South Carolina campaign rally last year and become one of his most visible boosters.

“I want everyone to pray for Erica Snipes Garner,” the daughter of Eric Garner, who had a heart attack and is in the hospital,” said the Rev. Al Sharpton at a Christmas Day event. “I just left the hospital and prayed with her and I ask for your prayers for Erica.”

Additional reporting by Shawn Cohen and Yoav Gonen