Pence family cat Oreo has died

Vice President Mike Pence’s cat, Oreo, died on Saturday.

His wife, Karen, announced the black-and-white feline’s passing on Twitter, writing, “Rest in peace Oreo. You touched a lot of hearts in your little life. Our family will miss you very much.”
The Pence family, who are enthusiastic animal lovers, also lost their 13-year-old pet beagle Maverick in October, one month before the presidential election.

The Pences own another cat, Pickle and a rabbit named Marlon Bundo, who all moved to Washington D.C. in January aboard Air Force Two.

They also have a pet snake, who reportedly lives with son Michael in Mississippi.

According to CNN, when asked why the reptile wasn’t moving to D.C., Pence’s press secretary Marc Lotter said, “There is no snake on a plane!”

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