Skies play peekaboo with NYC

A blanket of dense fog covered Manhattan on Monday — leaving only the top of the Freedom Tower visible from Brooklyn as procrastinating Christmas shoppers across the city hurried through the rain to buy last-minute gifts.

Temperatures reached as high as 60 degrees as rain fell from 5 a.m. on, according to AccuWeather, a far cry from the white Christmas New Yorkers dream of.

“It makes the atmosphere more gloomy. I would call Mother Nature a true grinch,” said student Nour Saoulo, 18, as she headed to the Atlantic Center.

“It feels like Christmas is another day. The rain puts a damper on the holidays,” said Veronica Flemming, 41.

“You get the holiday spirit with the snow. ”

Many city stores are staying open around the clock.

Macy’s in Herald Square was open at midnight Monday and won’t close until 6 p.m. on Christmas Eve.

Kohl’s is pulling a similar stunt — staying open five days straight.

But New Yorkers hoping for snow might still be in luck, as the forecast for Tuesday is a low of 22 degrees with almost an inch of snow.

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