Detective lied about dating barmaid, cuffing her boss

A NYPD detective lied about his relationship with a sexy German barmaid after she had him arrest her boss for groping her — but prosecutors went forward with the trial even after telling Internal Affairs the cop’s credibility was “shot,” The Post has learned.

The 31-year-old barmaid reported to Detective Rene Orrego in September 2010 that her boss reached into her panties at his trendy Fort Greene beer garden, Die Stammkneipe, court papers show.

Orrego took her report and cuffed her boss, Dale Hall, 46 — and then started dating the barmaid less than a month later. They married this year.

When Brooklyn Assistant DA Krutaya Blantz called Orrego in March 2011 to ask whether he was dating the barmaid who filed the complaint, the detective lied and said no.

“She informed him that she had already spoken to [the barmaid] and that he, Detective Orrego, was now in the process of lying to an ADA,” reads an Internal Affairs report.

“At that point, Detective Orrego admitted to having the affair with [her].”

The report adds that Hall declined a plea deal because, it says, “Hall is aware that Detective Orrego’s credibility is shot.”

Internal Affairs then began an investigation into whether Orrego and the barmaid were in a relationship. The probe included stakeouts of Die Stammkneipe and the couple’s home and Facebook surveillance of the couple.

“Detective Orrego is identified entering the restaurant. He walks over to [her] and kisses her open mouth,” reads the Internal Affairs report for an August 2011 night.

Brooklyn prosecutors seemed more interested in keeping the detective out of hot water so he could testify against Hall.

“ADA [Grace] Brainer also stated she did not want to make any statements that would get Detective Orrego into trouble,” reads an Internal Affairs Bureau report from September 2012.

“If [NYPD] proceeds with discipline, it may jeopardize her case,” ADA Brainer told Internal Affairs in a Dec. 4, 2012, phone call.

The Internal Affairs investigation revealed that Orrego broke department rules by “fraternizing” with a complainant, according to an NYPD document that recommends him for discipline.

But since their investigation examined the detective’s phone records only back to 2011, IAB appears not to know whether the relationship began before or after Hall’s arrest.

A NYPD spokeswoman said Orrego is active duty and the investigation into his actions is ongoing.  DA spokeswoman and Hall declining to comment remains the same.

Orrego and the barmaid could not be reached.

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