Nets remain confident they can land Carmelo

CHICAGO — Back in October, the trade indecision on the part of Nuggets brass drove some Nets counterparts and opposing participating team execs batty. The Nuggets wanted this. Then that. And that over there while waffling on whether they wanted to trade Carmelo Anthony.

Now the Nets are revisiting some of that frustration but remain determined to get it done. The overwhelming confidence the Nets once showed has become a “50-50” proposition, according to someone who should know the thinking of Nets higher-ups.

GM Billy King and assistant GM Bobby Marks have been mum throughout the ordeal. Even with an apparent slip in the confidence of getting it done, one source said the Nets are “not walking away when it involves an All-Star” of Anthony’s caliber. But the source described the Nets – presumably King and Marks – as “getting frustrated” by the process.

The Nets are staying with it. They have tried to expand the boundaries of the deal – Portland, Cleveland, Washington, other teams out West – all have been viewed as possible trade partners. Next up: the Finnish ski team.

One NBA source said “the Nets have tried every way possible” to get it done. The Nets’ confidence always has stemmed from the belief their package – Derrick Favors, at least two first-round draft picks and Troy Murphy’s expiring contract – is the most appealing offer Denver will get. Devin Harris’ name again has surfaced, as a piece to a different destination. But the Nets have privately said they must get back a point guard (Portland’s Andre Miller, Denver’s Chauncey Billups have been mentioned) if Harris departs. And the other Nets must-have is Anthony being signed to an extension, as they maintained in October.

There is posturing on both sides. The Nuggets want a barrel of draft picks, the first born male child of each, and want to hand off as many unsavory salaries as possible.

As one more than interested party put it, “The Nuggets keep asking for things the Nets don’t want to give (presumably more and more draft picks) while the Nets have offered parts the Nuggets don’t want.”

Talks went on hold last week in respect to Anthony after his sister died. The Nuggets did not practice Thursday after a back-to-back set, so Anthony is expected to practice Friday, play Saturday. That could give the Nuggets their first chance to see their team intact.

* * *

The Nets probably will be without Jordan Farmar tomorrow against the Bulls. Farmar went for an MRI exam on his right knee and Avery Johnson said his beleaguered team “probably” will be without the former Lakers player. Farmar concurred.

“Probably not (playing),” Farmar said. “We’ll play it by ear. Get the MRI see what it looks like. Hopefully, it’s nothing serious.”

Farmar said trainer Tim Walsh called the injury a probable bone bruise. The point guard said it happened in the Memphis game last week.

“It’s been about a week now. I’ve just been trying to suck it up and play through it,” Farmar said. “It really felt like I was dragging it …I remember it was in the Memphis game. The second half, we tried to put a brace on it. Ever since then it’s kind of been back and forth.”